About Us

The idea for the Whitnash Charitable Trust was created by the Mayor of Whitnash, David Clough in 2007. His fundraising aim for the year was to establish a charity that could help organisations and individuals of Whitnash.

2008 was occupied with the creation of the charity, taking legal advice and completing the necessary paperwork.

The charity was formally launched in the Spring of 2009 and is now open for grant applications and donations.

If you are a small Whitnash organisation or an individual trying to take part in a sporting event, perhaps a regional championship or even an Olympics, need a new musical instrument for your band, a uniform for your group, you would like to go to University, or you have just fallen on hard times and need some help; then getting money from a large charity is likely to prove difficult.


Jo-Ann Bramston
Chairman, Whitnash Charitable Trust
10 Dennett Close
CV34 5HF

Trustees:  Jo-ann Bramston, Ian Colls, Adrian Barton, Terry Shepherd, Robert Margrave, Marilyn Garnett