About us

 We're a small charity dedicated to helping people in Whitnash.

If you are a Whitnash organisation or an individual trying to take part in a sporting event, perhaps a regional champsionship or even an Olympics, need a new musical instrument for your band, a uniform for your group, you would like to go to University, or you have just fallen on hard times and need some help; then getting money from a large charity is likely to prove difficult.



Upcoming Events


Some examples of the help we've give

Wheelchair for Whitnash Pensioner

Sunday, March 18, 2018 6:55 PM

Whitnash Guides

Sunday, March 18, 2018 6:51 PM

Whitnash War Memorial

Sunday, July 19, 2015 7:30 PM

PPE for Arboriculture degree

Saturday, June 28, 2014 10:02 AM